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Do you or your company have a direct interest in social media Marketing?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. For years, Burt Steingraeber  has been helping people like yourself connect with people and companies through his work and is one of the world’s most recognized social media firms and teachers in this field. It’s a priceless skill that he has been sharing through his private practice.

If you’ve made it to this page and you’re still reading this, chances are that you would like to interact with Burts ability and work. But did you know he continues to do private private assistance or in  small groups and you can learn how to do that by joining the free eNewsletter. But unfortunately, demand for social media services has grown so large that he simply cannot do anymore large groups or visit anymore cities in a given year. But there is another way…

Because this is Burts life work and because he is adamant about accessing, educating, and helping as many people as he possibly can, he created something totally new with his GOLD Membership


  • Opportunity: to provide as many chances for one on one help as possible. Each month 5 members are randomly selected for a 20 minute private phone assistance… by being an active member, you may be randomly selected. ($300 value) Access: to reach as many people in as many countries as possible. No more wondering if Burt is going to be carried on your networks in your markets any longer.
  • Affordable: Burt has insisted upon the membership being less than the price of one movie ticket a month for access to all membership benefits. This way, with the costs down, people could still interact, learn and still have the opportunity to benefit from this work.
  • Educational: Burt’s goal is to go beyond just “talking” and to help people understand the larger implications of this information and to embody it into their daily lives.
  • Interactive: to keep this process alive and two-way versus always broadcasting out.
  • Continual: to keep an ongoing conversation (instead of a single interaction) in order to have a sustained impact.
  • Community: to help empower groups of people that can take this knowledge to support and sustain itself.

Take advantage of all these features and a full year of access to the members only section! Please note all memberships are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once you purchase a membership, you cannot obtain a refund for ANY reason. Your welcome emails and newsletters will be automatically sent to you and with your login and password you had immediate access to login and participate in all this site has to offer. If you wish to deactivate your account, you do not have to do anything. After one year the account automatically runs out and does not renew on it's own. If you choose to renew you will be able to do so before the account deactivates on line by clicking the renew button.

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