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Whats all the fuss about- WhatsApp

Whats App is another text communcation platform which resently partnered up with Facebook.
This partnership should allow the application to expand and become more popular. Now WhatsApp will be
independent on its own. But with the backing of Facebooks technical team it is forecasted to bring alot of attention.

WhatsApp Claims to have 450 million register users & and 320 active daily users. So not a small audience to say the least. The users can group chat, share photos, videos and even location.

Hmm, doesn’t this sound like Twitter? Well sort of. But I think that over time it will certainly want to
not become Twitters Twin at all. Becoming independent from all other platforms and becoming unique will have its advantages.

For small businesses and start ups, here maybe another avenue to use to network and connect with perhaps another group of people. Although there were security concerns back in 2012 WhatApp has great improved it security.

If they can separate themselves and bring something new to the table for its users, Maybe. But for now I don’t see to many “texting” type programs surviving since we have so many accounts to check already.

Do you think WhatsApp is the next “Big Thing”?

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