Burt Steingraeber Consulting provides the following services:

  • Accountability
  • Direction
  • Focus
  • Problem Solving
  • Follow up skills
  • Marketing
  • Reminders
  • Strategy
  • Structure

When you need that extra push to meet your personal and business goals you can count on us.

Consulting Services:

Applying the correct tools will ensure that you save time and money. So applying the correct social media venue is best practice as well. To have a good social media marketing plan entails having the good content, good SEO and good Email address capturing. I believe it is all about branding and making you the “talk of the town”.

Best in class Service:

Consulting Services:

  • 1

    We will discuss your social media strategy

    We’ll want to discover your true objective with your campaign. Uncover you brand and the
    message you want convey overall.

  • 2

    Our written Strategy

    We will now dig into branding. We want you to become unique and contagious with your audience.
    This is not always easy to do. We will work a plan to educate, solve problems, and Inspire thought of your audience.

  • 3


    This is where we “hold your hand” if you wants us to. We put into motion our social media action plan. We set up all the tools of the trade needed and away we go. We bring exposure to you and your brand!

  • 4

    Continuing Education

    They say we are never truly done learning. The same with Social Media Marketing. There is always something new to learn. A new software, and new tactic, and new angle or approach. We provide this type of continuing education from 2 hours to a full day, or anywhere in between. Your choice. Some of the more popular discussion points are Content Marketing, Social Media (the latest trends) or a basic introduction to Social Media as a whole.

I provide the above service to businesses nationwide, not just Wisconsin.

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