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Real Estate Agent Marketing in  2019

Being a real estate agent can be tough even on a good day. Your day should be showing homes and preparing listings for sale. Do  you know why “I” get it…I was once an agent for 8 years.If I had social media back in the early 2000’s  when I was an agent I would have  made 3X the business, Trust Me!

I have taken the stress out of “your” online marketing tasks.real-estate-sold

Say good bye to:

  • Expensive Google ad words
  • Hours finding and composing the perfect “Tweet”
  • Hours designing the perfect Facebook post
  • Resizing listing photos for Facebook
  • Trying to properly phrase your listing on Facebook
  • Heavy printing and mailing expense
  • Mailing postcards
  • Maintaining a mailing list

You shouldn’t be worrying about the next Tweet or spending hours on finding good quality content for your Facebook Business Page.

Now for the benefits of my service:

  • Reach your ENTIRE Sphere on Facebook EVERY DAY not quarterly anymore
  • Establish an ongoing pipeline of interested buyers and sellers 24/7/365
  • Less floor time hours
  • Save hundreds each month with having very little printing and mailing costs
  • Save HOURS each month streamlining your marketing TIME
  • My service is a one-stop shop
  • Pay A “Flat Fee” each month. Easy to budget.
  • Market “yourself” Market your “listing”  and have Lead Generation- ALL AT ONCE
  • You still own and have complete control of your Facebook business page
  • Your file is never outsourced
  • Total confidentially
  • Always speak with one person about your marketing, not a team of people

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