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Google Reputation- Why it is important to every business

Lately there has been a big push in the media about Google Reputation and the importance of it.
Google has once again decide to change things up for us SEO folks and highlight Google Reputation as a key
point for page ranking.

What is a Google reputation and how do I get one?

Getting a reputation is easily especially a Google Reputation. The hard part is obtaining a “good or excellent ” one. Usually when a file is being reviewed it is not uncommon to be maybe 2.5 or a 3. So if you start digging on your Google Reputation don’t be to surprised if you see a 3 rating. For more information discuss with your SEO Specialist.

Obtain a star rating is actually fairly easily. Sad part is that you probably aren’t aware to you have comments out there in cyberspace and that they are negative comments. Just he comments we don’t want to see, right. Reviews are the latest way consumers “get even” when they have a bad experience. A bad experience can be trouble with  management, a rude employee or just plain didn’t like your product or service.

Google Reputation, Google Reviews

Service – the most important step in Google reputation and Goolge Reviews.

Service, good service, is probably one the thing to remember most of all. If you listen to your customer and provide the best service possible that will kill a lot of the likely hood of a bad review.

Secondly we have to remember to ask for “5 star” review from EACH and EVERY customer we meet. People love to do favors, right? So ask your customer or client to do you a favor and post only a 5 star review about your company or better yet an Employee!

Can’t I make my own Google Reputation Review?

Quick answer to that is NO! Please don’t even think about that. Google as you know tracks every thing. If Google figures
that the reviews are from your friend or family. Most of your reviews that are posted from real customers won’t even show up.

So, work on 5 star review for your best Google Reputation.