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Just what is a Google Map

Google Maps important for SEO Specialists

A Google map is page that shows your search results with your local area in mind.

So again if we want Milwaukee Doctors, it won’t show Chicago Doctors. Well, it will
if you expand out your map. But Maps will concentrate on Milwaukee Doctors on rank
them via a number of different factors.

Why should my business care about Google Maps?

With google map, when customers are logged into there Gmail accounts (and most people are), Google knows where there are geographically, so when the search is complete, Google will show
the search results closest to them. If your business is correctly (and that the key, correctly) listed.

How to ensure my business is correctly listed?

Especially if your business specializes in local or just statewide clientele, you need to have your listing checked. 7 out of 10 business are not properly listed and won’t come up on even the first three pages.

A number of different factors come into play here. Certainly, standard SEO tactics but most importantly the Google Map Factor. Why, because google obviously control “map”, so it picks up on those listing right away.

Some good tips about the use of Google Map to remember:

1) Do Not Keyword dunk your listing. A Google Map does not like Keyword heavy pages in this case.

2) Use a Local (not 800) phone number in your listing. Google Plus Local..Hence “local”, not Nationwide.

3) Use a coupon or offer on your page. First it will keep your visitor occupied and much more willing to immediately contact you. Remember to update all your sites with the same offer(s).

4) Include your companies full name address and phone number. Google wants to make sure people can reach you in various forms. Would you believe that many people forget this important point.

A Google Map can be a great income stream.