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Hot Topic – Google Citations

Google citations  are one of the critical factors to your Google+ listing and  web page success.

In general, a citation is the name, address and phone # listed (see my Google Citations Below)  on the Internet and Google pages.
Good citations will take you hours or days to find the right locations. Your marketing team should have a good idea of where to place your citations for the best exposure.

The other factor to continue to focus on is that the local listings is constanting change. Some bulleting boards that are here today won’t be there tomorrow. But the more exposure you give you name, address and phone number the more google will take notice. Citations hold a lot of weight.

Good Google Citations Raises Google Ranking.

Google Page Rank-Google+ Local Google citations

The two best sources for google ranking are:

1) Industgry specific sites. For instance doctors would use JAMA, Realtors -Active Rain

2) If you company is events related-think along the lines of – Ticketbud.com, Festivals.com etc.

Wrapping up Google Citations.

Wrapping up Google Plus Local www.burtsteingraeber.com

Again, two things are key with citations.

Location, location, location. Place the citations where they’ll be seen by who needs to see them. So you do want to target market and place your Google Citations based on your niche.
Lastly, quanitity; a site needs alot of citations to be effective. The number will depend on your industry and who you are trying to reach. Give us a call for more information and advice. Google Citations is like having chrome wheels on your car. Perhaps it is not a necessity but it certainly make people (your customers ) stare with wonder. Google Citations are new, real new. But with this whole new concept not all business owners are aware of it.

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Now there is a good example of Google Citations!