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Burt Steingraeber – Wisconsin’s Business Consultant

I am known as a seasoned business specialist and consultant in Milwaukee Wisconsin, you are probably looking for the best & economical marketing / business specialist. I can understand why you are having a hard time finding and comparing  online marketing avenues. Because of this, I took it upon myself to create a site that provides an large selection of online options with an easy search functionality to help our clients evaluate different marketing options, and price.

Beginning My Business Journey.

Since the beginning, I’ve stuck to the mission of helping customers/clients find online/offline marketing avenues that is affordable, convenient, high quality and work worldwide. I want to be a resource for you and your company that is as helpful to all companies whether new or companies that have been around for decades.

How A Business Consultant Can Help You.

Simply, one of your main goals is just to become “that go-to person” in your niche. More importantly, I focus on search driving traffic which results in conversion and increasing your profit and revenues. Anything less is, well, really not that useful! Sure you want a  website to rank high in search engines for targeted search phrase search terms, converting visitors into clients. But that was a marketing plan of the 80’s.

Many times I can  work along side the current management staff. In other cases, I am the head manager and when the time is right, I help you hire the correct replacement. Running a smart and lucrative business is an art, not just a job.

Burt has counseled some of the busiest and difficult companies in South Eastern Wisconsin. His experience and expertise runs from small companies to multi-million dollar firms.From financial guidance to global marketing ventures. Burt also owns the well-known website  www.wisconsinquickbooks.com this business assists people and business’ with Intuit Quickbooks Products. Burt enjoys performing the Installations, holding classroom style seminars and performing services calls for clients through out the country.

Any business specialist should be able to directly understand Google, Bing and Yahoo optimization techniques to bring you exposure. As I will show you having good optimization techniques has been the keys to my success. I look forward to serving you in 2013 and beyond!

In today’s world Relationship Marketing and Permission Marketing is what your Business Specialist should  be focused on.

Burt Steingraeber-Business Specialist Consultant
Milwaukee, WI 53219
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